stump grinding service in north ft myers fl

Is Your Yard Littered With Ugly Stumps?

Get the ball rolling on your stump removal project in North Fort Myers, FL

Are you tired of dodging unsightly stumps in your yard? Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal provides stump grinding service in the North Fort Myers, FL area.

You can count on us to grind up all of the stumps on your property in a single visit. We'll remove the stumps from your yard, fill in the holes where they used to be and clean up any debris that's left over. No matter how big your stumps are, we have the equipment needed to remove them safely.

Call 239-995-8733 today to discuss the details of your stump removal project. We'll clean up your yard after grinding your stumps.

4 reasons to remove stumps from your yard

Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal offers stump grinding service in North Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas. Removing stumps from your yard:

  1. Creates open space in your yard
  2. Improves your property's curb appeal
  3. Makes your yard a safer space to be in
  4. Eliminates insects living in the stumps

Choose Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal to complete your stump removal project fast.