tree removal in north ft myers fl

Don't Let a Dead Tree Fall on Your Home

Set up your emergency tree removal appointment in North Fort Myers, FL right away

Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal offers emergency tree removal services in North Fort Myers, FL and surrounding areas.

Trust us to remove any size tree from your yard without damaging your property. We have the equipment and experience needed to remove trees that are dying, too close to your home or causing damage to your property. We can remove multiple trees in a single visit.

If you think a tree might fall at any moment, we'll remove it as quickly as possible. Contact us right away to ask about our tree removal process.

Why remove hazardous trees?

Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal completes emergency tree removal projects in the North Fort Myers, FL area. Removing trees from your property:

  • Prevents tree diseases from spreading
  • Saves your foundation and driveway from root damage
  • Creates space and a better view in your yard
  • Improves your property's curb appeal
  • Stops dead trees from falling on your property

Contact Taylor's Total Tree Service & Stump Removal to tackle your tree removal job quickly by calling (239) 995-8733.